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Who does not know the situation, you want to start the washing machine quickly and stand with the laundry mountain in hand in front of the device when it suddenly gives up. There is certainly no time for that at the moment and the costs for a new washing machine are not budgeted. So you first call customer service. But nowadays you only have a short guarantee on devices and usually a repair would be so expensive that it is not worth it. The time factor also plays an important role. Nobody can do without a washing machine for weeks, especially not if you have a family or work.

Buying a new washing machine poses several challenges. On the one hand it is financially a larger expense, on the other hand you do not buy a washing machine every day and have to orient yourself in the jungle of different offers and devices. Do I only need a new washing machine or a new tumble dryer, or even a washer dryer? Should I buy online or better at the nearest specialty shop? If you follow the advice below, nothing stands in the way of successfully buying a new washing machine.


Tips for a good washing machine purchase

washing machine purchase

  1. Compare the offers closely and find out what model you need. Of course there is an almost endless list of models for washing machines, each with its own price and different functions. What should it be now? We recommend that you compare the offers and services of the various devices. There are very good pages with test reports online.
  2. If you have found your dream washing machine, you can now think about the financing. Most of the time you don’t have that much money lying around. A payday loan can provide a simple and straightforward remedy. It is also worth comparing here. Use our comparison calculator at the top of the page to compare the different terms and interest amounts. Only borrow as much money as you need and can pay back.
  3. If you follow tips 1 and 2, you will already save a few euros that you can use for other expenses. Also read the fine print of your chosen offers. For example, will your new washing machine be delivered to your home? And also on the third floor?


A payday loan as quick help for a new washing machine

A personal loan as quick help for a new washing machine

If it becomes financially tight and you have to make money quickly and easily despite the tense situation, a payday loan can quickly remedy the situation. Many online loan providers specialize in speed and offer free-use loans. You can apply for most loans from the comfort of your own home from the sofa and receive prompt feedback. The annoying consultation with the bank advisor is no longer necessary and your emergency situation is resolved immediately.

Thanks to the digitalization of the banking offering, many new credit institutions have entered the German market. For you as a customer, this means increased competition, more transparency and better loan offers. The various offers can be easily compared online and since there are fewer costs without brick-and-mortar retail, interest rates for borrowers have dropped.

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